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NoseBound – 2012 to 2016.

An episodic adventure game for PC and Mac. Coming to all stores hopefully in 2016.

This is my most personal and ambitious project. It’s my first PC game, completely directed and designed by myself.  I worked with a small team that helped me with all the tasks related to background art, character animations, original soundtrack, voice acting and many more.

I personally have done the game development, project management, game design, gameplay dialog’s, Character and background design and most of the in game cutscenes.

NoseBound - Gameplay trailer

Line of Defense

Line of Defense – 2011 to Present. This game is still in production. They are aiming for a Q2 2016 public release.

It is an open world Sci-fi MMO for the PC. It’s a massive game and I’ve been part of this project for the past 5 years.

Now it’s on Steam Early Access. Check it out.

I’ve done a lot of modeling and animation for this game. A lot of vehicles, weapons, characters, spaceships, props, assets, buildings and even entire levels.

Line of Defense - Gameplay trailer

Save the Pie

Save The Pie! – Q1 to Q2 – 2012

This is a small game I created during a 1 month period. It was an experiment with Construct Game Engine.

You can get it on Google Play.

Save The Pie - Gameplay trailer


Atmosphir – 2007 to 2008 and 2010 to 2011

This was an amazing project that didn’t got lucky. It was Minecraft before Minecraft. We worked in this game for more than 5 years. I was the first artist of this project, then the brand opened its own studio so the project moved away from the company I was working on. And a few years later they invited me back to keep developing it.

The game switched engines like 3 times and ended up landing on Unity Game Engine. I worked as content creator during the length of the project. Creating models, animations, props and environmental assets of all kind. It was a very stylized cartoony  game that kids used to love.

Unfortunately it was too expensive to keep maintaining the servers and the content creation, and the store never sold enough to keep the game alive, so Minor Ventures eventually cancelled the project.

But you can still watch a gameplay trailer!

Atmosphir - Gameplay trailer

Atmosphir | First Teaser trailer | I made this teaser trailer for the first version of the game back in 2008 for a tech crunch event.

Horizon Riders

Horizon Riders – 2009 to 2010

It is a Nintendo WiiWare title that takes advantage of the balance board device. I was part of the development team as Product Owner and in the last 5 months of it’s development I filled the role of Scrum Master also, trying to motivate the team, prioritize and organize tasks aiming for the completion of the project.  I was in charge of a 10 people team between Amazing artists, Grumpy developers and Crazy game designers. A dream team that was able to took this idea into the stores in a very bad timing for the economy and for the company we were working on.

I’m very proud of this game.

Horizon Riders - Gameplay trailer


Protocol – 2009 to 2010.

It Was going to be a Split Screen Multi-player Death match FPS for the Nintendo WiiWare.

I fulfilled the role of Project Leader, Scrum Master and Character Artist for this game. We worked tirelessly on this game during a whole year but unfortunately it was cancelled due to a contract breach with the company’s investor.

Protocol - Gameplay trailer


Unbelievaballs – 2008 to 2009.

It Was going to be a big Retail game for the Nintendo Wii.

It was a mix between Mario cart, a mini-golf game and little big planet.  Unfortunately the game was cancelled by the publisher. They were happy with the game but Real Arcade (the publisher) closed it’s entire games division so all current projects were ceased. We tried to release the game with internal funding but we couldn’t do it. The game needed a lot more work than we expected.  This video is all I could find about it because I don’t work for this company anymore. It’s a bad Fraps capture of a few of it’s worlds.

My job during the length of the project was 3D Art lead. I created the characters and a lot of the 3D assets for the levels and also supervised the character animation work and 3D asset work of my team.

Unbelievaballs - Gameplay trailer

F.E.A.R. - Perseus Mandate

F.E.A.R. – Perseus Mandate – 2007 to 2008

I worked in this game as a Junior Modeler. I created a lot of content for it during a 1 year period. From wrecked cars, office like props and such, to  zombies, dead bodies, and even the interior of an airplane. You can check a lot of these things in the following trailer. Here I post a compiled screenshot of most of my assets.

F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate - Gameplay trailer

These are the zombies and dead bodies I made for the game.

Interior of an Airplane, you can see this model in the trailer.

Mazes of Fate - Nintendo DS

Mazes of Fate – Nintendo DS – 2007 to 2008

I worked in this game as a Lead Game Artist. I created most of the characters, some level and prop art, and worked on most character animations. It was an incredible challenge because Nintendo DS has only 3mb of video RAM and the game had to fit in a 5mb storage cartridge. So for an RPG game this is hell. We had to make every character below 500 triangles and 128×128 diffuse texture only. So they had to be pretty nice textures. We also had a big bones constraint, no more than 20 bones per character and we could only use rigid or 50% / 50% vertex weights in the skinning.

So yeah, I’m pretty damn proud of this game too.

Mazes of Fate DS - Gameplay trailer

Some of the characters I created for Mazes of Fate DS.

Some of the characters I created for Mazes of Fate DS.